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8/27/2015 9:47 am  #1

How was your garden this summer?

Mine was overtaken by an invasive weed.  This thing grew at an incredible rate with all this rain, and it got ahead of me.  It choked out my tomato plant, my daisies and black-eyed Susans, grew up through my petunias.  I looked it up online and it's name is a spreading dayflower.  They are hard to get rid of and I hope to rip it out after a frost, hope the winter kills it and try to stay ahead of it in the spring if it returns.  What a mess.

The squirrels chewed up 2 bird feeders and we ended up getting a squirrel proof feeder that worked well.  It has a metal cage which surrounds the tube feeder.  When a squirrel jumps on, his weight makes the cage drop, covering the feeding ports.  Clever idea.

Our cherry tree is losing it's leaves early and my husband says the birds are acting like they do later in the season.  I hope these aren't signs of an early, harsh winter.

How was your garden?

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8/27/2015 11:30 am  #2

Re: How was your garden this summer?

Garden started out strong, ending up somewhat weak

Tomatoes = good.

Mild yellow peppers = Great

Jalapeno Peppers = Great. 

Cucumbers = Was great. and then abruptly died. Like literally wilted in two weeks. Don't know what happened. Was watered regularly. Was producing good cucumbers. And then just turned yellow and that was it.

Watermelons = I was really on top of them. I was cutting back the unwanted vines since I only wanted two or three actual melons and I thought that I could get maximum size out of them by pruning regularly. I have three melons and they were doing pretty well but in the last week it's like they stopped growing and I know they still have a good ways to go.

But the highlight of the garden was three sunflower seeds my daughter put in the front yard flower bed.

One of them grew to I'd say about 15 feet high. I was actually worried because it was only about 18 inches away from the overhead electric line running to the house. The second was more of what I expected. About 6 foot high and this third one sprouted very late and only got about 3-4 foot high.

I'm getting ready to chop them down and get the seeds one they are dry.

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8/27/2015 6:54 pm  #3

Re: How was your garden this summer?

Tomatoes--fantastic for the little ones and now the tomato plants are producing very large, gorgeous tomatoes.  Slices of them are picture-perfect.  The smaller tomatoes have eased up and are producing about half as many.  The long, yellow peppers are coming along although slowly.  It's hit & miss.  I have a new supply of onions growing now and when the hot weather we are about to experience in the coming week eases I'll plant new lettuces.


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