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2/18/2015 6:58 pm  #1

Iron Cookware

I just bought a 13" iron grill pan.

It weighs a freakin ton and I've already dented my sink with it but it turns out amazing burgers.

I'm going to try a steak on it tomorrow, possibly some whole fish filets too.

Does anyone have any advice on the care, storage, and uses I haven't though of for this sort of cookware?

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2/18/2015 7:32 pm  #2

Re: Iron Cookware

I think you need to season cast iron skillet first before you use it, but I'm not sure.

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2/18/2015 10:40 pm  #3

Re: Iron Cookware

Some of the newer cast iron comes preseasoned but if it isn't CT, yes, you'll have to season it.  There are a couple of ways to season cast iron.  One is to grease it well (nothing with salt!), stick it in a very high temperature oven for several minutes or until it smokes up your house.  Or you can do same on the strove top, again, until it smokes.  If you have smoke alarms & I hope you do it will probably set them off. You can open windows & doors if you love 10 or below.  The most important thing NOT TO DO--NEVER, EVER WASH YOUR CAST IRON WITH SOAP.   It removes the seasoning and you want to build up a nice layer of crud on it and it will not stick.  After using, remove grease & food bits with a paper towel, then simply wipe off under warm water and dry.  Cast iron left to air dry will rust so be sure to dry off with paper towel.  Studies have been done proving one receives iron in the diet from food cooked in cast iron.  I've owned and used regularly cast iron all of my adult life and last year turned over the larger cast iron skillets I'll never used again to  my granddaughter.  Treated kindly, cast iron will serve you well for as long as you want to use it.  I use my small skillet several times a week and cooked fish in it for dinner tonight.  Enjoy your cast iron, CT.


2/20/2015 8:45 pm  #4

Re: Iron Cookware

You probably want to check with the manufacturer as to whether to season your pan or not, because I have a big rectangular iron grill pan that was part of my kick-ass All-Clad set, and it's coated with some kind of coating like a non-stick, so it's different from a traditional cast iron pan, which does need to be seasoned as everybody has said.


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