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6/28/2015 5:13 pm  #1

About the Eagle Chicks.....

We went to Codorus State Park today for our monthly family day at the park.  The birdlady was there and had set up scopes near us and let us look through them to see the  eagle chicks sitting in trees.  There were two of them in the trees and they looked like grown eagles but without the white heads.    It was fantastic!

I heard the Osprey chicks didn't fare so well.  It is thought that the Great Horned Owl got 2of them and a third was found on the ground with a broken wing.  He was taken to a bird rehab place to see if he could be helped.  No one has heard any updates yet.


6/28/2015 9:28 pm  #2

Re: About the Eagle Chicks.....

The commission finally shut off the nest camera so it's the end of that viewing. Glad you got to see them before they fly off forever.


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