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2/12/2015 12:52 pm  #11

Re: Beer Fight!

Techncally, the Dude drank Caucasians, which uses half and half, versus the traditional White Russian which uses millk.

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2/12/2015 1:30 pm  #12

Re: Beer Fight!

I stand corrected. Maybe on my Lebowski night I shall put out both and see what flies.
Man, you are like a living bartender book!
I bought this cool contraption at an antique store I was digging around in one day. It's from the '40's or '50's, and it's a black plastic box-like thing that has a bunch of drinks listed on it and each cocktail has a number. Then over to the side you roll a wheel 'til you find the number of the drink you want and it tells you how to make it. It's one of the coolest vintage bar pieces in my collection. Here's a picture I found of it -

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