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12/10/2017 12:00 pm  #1

2017 Army vs Navy Game

I was in Philly Friday night for an Andrea Bocelli concert.  I spent the night near the Wells Fargo Center and witnessed a pile of Army and Navy people checking in.  It was actually kind of neat.

Anyway, while I didn't have a 'dog in the hunt', I enjoy a good game.  The game itself didn't disappoint.  Truly a nail-biter right up to the end.  In fact, one of the best games I watched this year!


12/10/2017 1:30 pm  #2

Re: 2017 Army vs Navy Game

I have attended a few Army-Navy games in years past.
It really is quite special.
And, the classiest crowd at any football game you will ever attend.

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12/11/2017 10:27 am  #3

Re: 2017 Army vs Navy Game

That was a fun football game. Leave it to the Army to wear all white in a game involving a snowstorm.

I felt bad for the Navy kicker. Had plenty of distance in bad weather and just went a bit left. 

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