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9/29/2017 5:10 am  #1

Truffles of Istria

Gourmet cuisine today is unthinkable without his Majesty, the truffle. The underground mushroom with potato-like body called tuber lives in the Istrian soil and is considered the highlight of the regional cuisine. Istria has become known for the highest quality truffles - especially the white truffle that can rival those of Italian regions of Alba and Piedmont. Truffle hunters use dogs to sniff out the delicacy.

White and black truffles

The fine white truffle called Tuber Magnatum Pico the priciest among truffle. It grows from September till January and is eaten fresh usually shaved over hot steaming pasta, meat or fish. For this couture gastronomy treat get ready to pay a heavier price tag - it all depends on the weight, the quality, the season.

Tuber Melanosporum is the fine black truffle that grows from January till spring and is regarded as the best among the black varieties, quite popular in Istria. This truffle is the priciest among the black varieties.

Tuber Aestivium is also a variety of the black truffle that grows throughout the year with the price lower than the Tuber Melanosporum's. The Tuber brumale variety is also black and grows in the winter time and also less expensive than the Tuber Melanosporum.

Suggested truffle dishes to taste: traditional Istrian pasta fuži or pljukanci with black or white truffle, fish or shrimps with white truffle, steak with grated truffle, truffle ice-cream, chocolate cake with olive oil and truffles…

We had a simple dish of scrambled eggs with grated pecorino cheese and truffles.

We live in a time in which decent and otherwise sensible people are surrendering too easily to the hectoring of morons or extremists. 

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