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8/19/2017 8:18 am  #1

One Nation Under One Group's Version of God?

Congrats to the Pastor for having the moral courage to be the first to leave.

But, why does Donald Trump have an "Evangelical Advisory Board" in the first place?
Where is his Catholic Advisory Board? His Greek Orthodox Advisory Board?
His Advisory board of Progressive Christians?

Answer: Politics. Evangelicals are extremely political and partisan. They are a political constituency of this President. So, they want a seat at the table. They want their arses kissed.

It has nothing to do with God.
Well, only the in sense that it delights the other guy.

Pastor Who Left Evangelical Board Explains His ‘Problem’ With Trump’s ‘Lack of Leadership’

With CEOs flocking from President Trump‘s economic advisory councils, one pastor announced on Twitter that he is stepping down from the President’s Evangelical Advisory Board.  Yesterday,  Pastor A.R. Bernard tweeted that he was leaving that council amid growing criticism that Trump’s Evangelical advisers were sticking by him as CEOs were jumping ship.

Bernard appeared last night with CNN’s Don Lemon to explain the reasoning behind his stepping downm and provided some significant criticism for what he deemed to be the president’s “lack of leadership” A rough transcript of Bernard’s reasoning:

I think that as time progressed, you look for change. You look for consistency. You look for responsibility in leadership. And I didn’t see consistency in a set of core values that influence and shaped his thinking. And when he vacillated over the last week, especially over Charlottesville, I had come to the point where I had to make a decision to more than just step away.

I had to fully disengage myself. You know, when you vacillate like that, it means that there’s not a set of core values that you have determined to guide your thinking, your decision-making. Instead, it demonstrates that you are being tossed between opinions of those around you. And I’ve got a problem with that kind of lack of leadership.

Lemon asked Bernard if he had spoken to anyone at the White House and seemed somewhat surprised to learn that the Advisory Board was largely ceremonial.

Bernard explained “you’ve got to understand the board, which was a significant number of individuals, was not afforded the proximity to the president to give the kind of necessary influence that all of this called for.”  Lemon replied “But if you’re part of an advisory board, isn’t that part of…” to which Bernard explained “Well, it should be that way. It should be that way. It should have teeth. It should be more than a photo op. It should be substantive.”

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We live in a time in which decent and otherwise sensible people are surrendering too easily to the hectoring of morons or extremists. 

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