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4/04/2015 7:58 am  #1

NFL hires Sarah Thomas as its first female official

NFL hires Sarah Thomas as its first female official

The NFL is hiring Sarah Thomas as its first female official, according to multiple media reports.A source told the Los Angeles Times that the NFL informed current officials that seven men and one woman were selected as new hires for the 2015 season. All of them will have to pass physical exams first.The news of Thomas' hiring was first reported by Aaron Wilson of the Baltimore Sun. The league hired the eight new officials because four from the 2014 season decided to retire. Four of the new hires will be considered "floaters" and not assigned to a specific crew.

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4/04/2015 2:30 pm  #2

Re: NFL hires Sarah Thomas as its first female official

I would hope that the NFL is not hiring Ms. Thomas to offset the bad press they have received over the last couple of years concerning misogynistic tendencies of the league, but for her proficiency and professional qualifications as an official.

I have some concerns of how she will be received by fans, players, and coaches alike.

I hope it turns out well for her.


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