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2/03/2015 3:06 pm  #1

Kale anyone?

I've found I really like kale.  Even my husband will eat it and he's extremely finicky when it comes to food.  He likes the roasted kale chips....just pieces of kale coated with olive oil, salted and peppered and roasted in the oven until they are crisp.

I like to saute it in a little olive oil with sliced yellow and red peppers, onions, grape tomatoes, or any other veg you might have with some grated Asiago cheese on top when it's done. 

Last week I made kale pesto, which is like regular pesto only with kale instead of basil.

I like it because the flavor isn't very strong and it let's the other flavors come through.


2/03/2015 10:40 pm  #2

Re: Kale anyone?

An avoider of kale all my life I guess it's time to give it a try.  I like the idea of the kale chips, Florentine, and will give them a chance.


2/04/2015 10:27 am  #3

Re: Kale anyone?

For the kale chips, I found it best to put the washed and dried kale into a plastic food storage bag, drizzle in a small amount of olive oil, close the bag and shake and smoosh it around so the oil is evenly distributed.  Then pour out onto a pan, salt and pepper and bake till crisp.  That way the kale isn't drenched in oil.

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2/04/2015 1:49 pm  #4

Re: Kale anyone?

What temperature?


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