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4/01/2015 3:20 pm  #51

Re: Eagles

At the moment there are seven large, whole fish in the nest and one partially eaten fish that momma is feeding her eaglets from.  Is this size of catch continues they will be well-fed eaglets.


4/02/2015 6:44 pm  #52

Re: Eagles

I clicked into the Hanover Eagle cam on the Lancaster site and someone asked if one of the eaglets was dead.  It was lying there, seemingly lifeless.  I thought one of the owl babies on the owl can was dead, but he wasn't.  Will have to check the eagles later.   He might still be alive. 

What a messy nest.  Someone thought there was a dead skunk in with their catch of fish.  Mmmmmmmmmmm.......


4/02/2015 9:15 pm  #53

Re: Eagles

One or both of the eaglets are still at times giving the impression they might be dead.  If you continue watching eventually one or both will move.  It's fun to watch momma trying to feed them--with both little beaks vying for the same bite.  That is a skunk in the nest which keeps getting moved.  The skunk is not being eaten by any eagles--young or old. 


4/14/2015 12:39 pm  #54

Re: Eagles

Hanover eagles inspire poem, video (letter)

Hello Pennsylvania! Like so many others across the country and around the world, I've been enjoying the eagle cam in Pennsylvania and have been so moved that I wrote a poem about it which I made into a You Tube video. I just wanted everyone up there in Pennsylvania to know how very much we appreciate being able to see this magnificent family of bald eagles, so this is my way of saying thanks to the people of Pennsylvania, to the Game Commission and to all who are involved with the eagle cam... and to thank the “York Daily Record” for its online and YouTube coverage of the eagles as well. Thank you all so very much for all the joy you're bringing to millions of hearts around the world!

 This is the poem recited in the video: “White on White” White on white, your feathered head was all that showed, Buried, as you were, neck deep, the day it snowed. We watched, amazed, when you rose up with outstretched wings And shook off all that heavy weight which winter weather brings! O the blessed lessons learned from the birds of the air, Enduring such storms with patience, not despair, And watching, and waiting, and working together For two eggs to become two more birds of a feather.Advertisement And then when your babes broke into the world, You took flight with your mighty wings unfurled To provide for every need of your brood, Filling the nest, like a pantry, with food, And filling their beaks with the catch of the day (Surprisingly gently for a great bird of prey!) And when the day comes when we all watch them rise On their first freedom flight through the endless skies, Our hearts will lift up, as if on their wings, With the joy such a moving moment brings... For you have served as our inspiration, Majestic bald eagles of our nation! — Karen Blackburn, Polk County, Fla.

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 “We hold these truths to be self-evident,”  former vice president Biden said during a campaign event in Texas on Monday. "All men and women created by — you know, you know, the thing.”


4/15/2015 9:53 am  #55

Re: Eagles

I sure do enjoy checking up on these guys each day.

We live in a time in which decent and otherwise sensible people are surrendering too easily to the hectoring of morons or extremists. 
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4/15/2015 12:22 pm  #56

Re: Eagles

Have you seen an eaglet poop yet?  It's not what you'd expect.


4/20/2015 9:39 pm  #57

Re: Eagles

The eaglets are getting very big now.  They are all off balance when trying to walk on those big feet and carrying those getting-bigger wings. I saw one this evening feeding itself off a fresh fish dad brought to the nest but the parents still do most of th feeding. 


4/25/2015 7:11 pm  #58

Re: Eagles

Students at Chambersburg-area school keep baby eagle journals
Read the full story here:

Corpus Christi first-graders learn language skills by recording observations

 CHAMBERSBURG>>The Pennsylvania Game Commission's eagle cam has gathered hundreds of followers from around the world. Now, the baby bald eagles have some new, albeit small, fans: Corpus Christi School's first-graders.

Martha Randall has been teaching at the school for almost 30 years, but this is the first year she is teaching science. A fan of the eagles herself, she had been watching the eagle nest since before the eaglets hatched. Once they did in February, she decided her students should learn more about our nation's national symbol and about the scientific method of observation."They're learning the growth of the birds and just watching nature," said Randall. "Both the pretty and the not-so-pretty," she added, referring to the students' disgust at seeing dead fish in the nest.Once a week, Randall tunes in to the Game Commission's eagle cam and the students observe the eagles during their science block. They write a few sentences about their observations and draw pictures.Randall said as the students are learning to write, recording their observations can help her see how well they're learning.

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 “We hold these truths to be self-evident,”  former vice president Biden said during a campaign event in Texas on Monday. "All men and women created by — you know, you know, the thing.”


4/30/2015 8:02 am  #59

Re: Eagles

Yikes a direct hit!

Bullseye! Eagle Cam nailed by waste, PA Game Commission confirms

For months, millions of viewers across the world have been glued to the eagle cam located next to a nest in Codorus State Park near Hanover, watching the eaglets every moving including, yes, relieving themselves in the nest.There's been a few close calls but the eaglets have missed the camera entirely.They didn't miss this morning.The Pennsylvania Game Commission confirmed in a tweet this morning that the camera "was hit by eagle waste."

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 “We hold these truths to be self-evident,”  former vice president Biden said during a campaign event in Texas on Monday. "All men and women created by — you know, you know, the thing.”


4/30/2015 9:11 am  #60

Re: Eagles

It must have happened before this morning because the fuzzy picture was there last evening and as of a few minutes ago still is.


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