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3/28/2015 8:32 am  #11

Re: Wag the Dog

Goose wrote:

I agree that there is a possible generational split on this.
I'm 55. I grew up with a very heroic image of Israel taught to me.
I also grew up with a very distinctive idea of what the acceptable way to wage war was. My example were the Americans who liberated Europe and the Pacific from tyranny, and liberated the Nazi death camps at Dachau and Buchenwald. When I saw the Palestinians blowing up city buses, you can imagine what my view of them was.

The younger generation sees Israel as a mature state, and one that basically plays a tit for tat battle which injures and kills women and children much like the other side does. So, they are a bit more balanced in their assessment of Israeli actions.

In my view, the younger generation has something to teach us older folks.

If only the wisdom of the older, and the acceptance of the younger would come together, they all might have a good shot at change.


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