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1/08/2017 7:39 pm  #11

Re: Playoffs, Week 1

Goose wrote:

Is it just my imagination or are there a lot of empty seats at that Steelers game?

The game was listed as a sellout. As of yesterday, you could still find some tickets for sale through consolidators or current ticket holders with prices going up to over $4000 per ticket.

It appeared that some short hitters that had tickets decided not to show up because of the cold. I can tell you that a group of my family members who still live in Pittsburgh were there. I watched the game in my family room in front of the wood stove with my Steelers sweatshirt on, my Terrible Towel, and an Iron City in my hand.

Go Stillers . . . How many yins got?


1/08/2017 9:22 pm  #12

Re: Playoffs, Week 1

I only offered a possible explanation about the empty seats.

Anyway, we're down to 8 teams.  Who ya got next week?

Packers over Dallas  (mainly because I can never root for the Cowboys.  I just can't do it)

Steelers over the Chiefs  (my heart makes this pick, not necessarily my brain)

I see the Seahawks and Falcons as a tossup.  I'll take the Falcons only because their home.

Patriots over the Texans  (I've learned a long time ago .. never pick against the Pats even though I'd like to)

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1/08/2017 10:26 pm  #13

Re: Playoffs, Week 1

You didn't list another reason for the empty seats in Heinz stadium--the air temperature was 12 and only the die-hard fans would sit in those seats.


1/09/2017 7:50 am  #14

Re: Playoffs, Week 1

I'll pick the same teams as Fred . . . For the same reasons . . . Somehow Fred got into my head

Heart                       Head

Steelers.                   Steelers
Texans.                     Patriots
Falcons.                   Seahawks
Packers.                   Cowboys

So, I'm going with my heart

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