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1/01/2017 11:28 am  #1

Old Highway Road Maps

Any ideas what to do with them?  I considered Ebay but there are dozens and dozens and dozens of listings for sale and of the ones I looked at none had a bid and only one had a "watch."  I have a very large bag of maps dating back to the fifties--prior to the interstate highway system being built--that I have transferred from one car to a newly purchased one for all those years and it's time for them to go.  I can dump them into the recycle bin if there is no interest in them by anyone.  I may pull out a few of the earliest ones just to show that there was no interstate system except for a few highways under construction.  On the maps they are shown as =============. 


1/01/2017 5:15 pm  #2

Re: Old Highway Road Maps

They sound cool, even if they aren't worth any money.
Maybe a local library or college would take them

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