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9/24/2016 8:03 am  #1

Two different perspectives on the presidential election

Two entertainers turn their perspectives toward the presidential election. One sounds reasonable to me. One sounds pretty ignorant.

First: Ted Nugent:

Ted Nugent: President Trump ‘would kick ass and take names’

Consider hard rocker and conservative firebrand Ted Nugent Donald Trump’s number one fan.

Nugent, famous for his outspoken views on hunting and immigration, has already called for Trump to be awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom, but in a new interview airing this Sunday, the NRA board member is calling for the real estate mogul to be awarded the presidency as well.

“I think Donald Trump, if he stays on course, he’s gonna be the next President of the United States,” Nugent told "The Rita Cosby Show."

Asked by the host what he liked about Trump, Nugent underlined the businessman’s "bold, brazen, courageous, unapologetic politics in his stance,” adding that, “his campaign, is just what the working-hard, playing-hard American families have been waiting for.”

Pressed on whether he thought Trump would make a good president, Nugent didn’t wait for Cosby to finish her question.

“Yes!” he said, cutting the host off. "He would kick ass and take names, and that's what America needs right now."

Now, Bruce Springsteen:

Bruce Springsteen Calls Donald Trump a 'Moron'

Bruce Springsteen spent the summer playing stadiums with the E Street Band and preparing to release his autobiography, Born To Run, while largely staying clear of this year’s presidential campaigns. In an excerpt from an extensive interview that will appear in the next issue of Rolling Stone, Springsteen shares his thoughts on Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, while addressing his own absence from the trail.

What do you make of the Trump phenomenon?
Well, you know, the republic is under siege by a moron, basically. The whole thing is tragic. Without overstating it, it’s a tragedy for our democracy. When you start talking about elections being rigged, you’re pushing people beyond democratic governance. And it’s a very, very dangerous thing to do. Once you let those genies out of the bottle, they don’t go back in so easy, if they go back in at all. The ideas he’s moving to the mainstream are all very dangerous ideas – white nationalism and the alt-right movement. The outrageous things that he’s done – not immediately disavowing David Duke? These are things that are obviously beyond the pale for any previous political candidate. It would sink your candidacy immediately.

I believe that there’s a price being paid for not addressing the real cost of the deindustrialization and globalization that has occurred in the United States for the past 35, 40 years and how it’s deeply affected people’s lives and deeply hurt people to where they want someone who says they have a solution. And Trump’s thing is simple answers to very complex problems. Fallacious answers to very complex problems. And that can be very appealing.

You haven’t chosen to do anything with the campaign this year. Have you lost faith in whatever power you might have to affect these things?
I don’t know.  I think you have a limited amount of impact as an entertainer, performer or musician. I feel what I’ve done was certainly worth doing. And I did it at the time because I felt the country was in crisis, which it certainly is right now. I don’t know if we’ve been approached or not to do anything at the moment. If so, I would take it into consideration and see where it goes.

No, I haven’t really lost faith in what I consider to be the small amount of impact that somebody in rock music might be able to have. I don’t think people go to musicians for their political points of view. I think your political point of view is circumstances and then how you were nurtured and brought up. But it’s worth giving a shot when it’s the only thing you have.

Is there a lack of enthusiasm for Hillary on your own part?
No. I like Hillary. I think she would be a very, very good president.

One guy sounds a little more reasonable to me, a little less emotional, a little more thoughtful, and has the integrity to acknowledge the fact that his position doesn't make him an expert on social issues or politics.

The other guy just sounds like a brazen blowhard that just likes to hear himself yell about stuff. Just like the guy he claims to support. Although, a couple of months ago he was a hard core Damien Cruz disciple. Hey, with Damien's about face concerning Drumpf, maybe there's room for Nugent in the Trump & Ted bed. Two Teddy bears and a tangerine spooning together.

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