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8/15/2016 2:29 pm  #1

Guinness Blonde

A friend of mine came over for dinner the other night and brought a six of Guinness Blonde.
Guinness is, of course, world famous for their extra stout. It is brewed so many places now that the beer is only nominally Irish at this point.

Blonde was developed entirely for the American market.
Being free, I gave it a try.
I thought that one of the reviews I came across on the Beer Advocate summed it up best.

"Pours a nice golden coppery color, with a thin creamy looking head. Decent lacing, not much retention. Smells floral-spice, pleasant but nothing extra ordinary. Medium mouthfeel with lots of carbonation. Tastes like a reasonable lager should, slightly floral with crisp malt to it".

I mean, it's OK. But with all of the excellent craft-brewed American Style lagers available in our own back yards, why drink this? Just for the name?

Of course, a comparison with large brews is more appropriate than to crafts.
So, here it is:
I think that Boston Lager, and Yuengling are much better.

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8/15/2016 3:36 pm  #2

Re: Guinness Blonde,+(14).jpg

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8/16/2016 11:05 am  #3

Re: Guinness Blonde

I had a Guinness Blonde at a beer festival back in March and was surprised how much I liked it. 

Perhaps, like a Donald Trump foreign policy speech, I set my expectations too low for it to be any good.

But I thought it was a solid lager for a macro brewery. 

I wouldn't go out and buy it, as to Goose's point, there are far better options, but I'd throw one back in a pinch.

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