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7/15/2016 2:32 pm  #1

What's the worst?

What's the worst stretch of Highway you have to deal with in Pennsylvania?

I hate the 35 mile stretch of Route 81 from 80 near Hazelton to 84 at Scranton.
Narrow. Traffic is always heavy, and I think it's been under construction my entire driving life.

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7/19/2016 7:52 am  #2

Re: What's the worst?

Currently, it's I-95 in Philly from Cottman Ave to Girard Ave. 

They've been going through a widening project for what seems like the past 5 years. It's almost always backed up in both directions, filled with potholes and there are something like 15 lane shifts over a 3 mile stretch so if you are able to drive through there at a somewhat normal speed, it's almost like being in a F1 race.

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7/19/2016 9:31 am  #3

Re: What's the worst?

The stretch of I83 southbound between the rt. 30 exit and any of the Market St. exits.  No shoulders, no or very short exit/entrance ramps, oncoming traffic competing in same close space with exiting traffic.  And of course none of the oncoming traffic yields to those exiting! 


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