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3/03/2015 3:01 pm  #11

Re: Complaining about my car

Yeah, but that Nissan NX1600 gave you a story to tell and probably some good memories too.

Since we're doing official car endorsements...........mine is a shout out to the Germans. VW/BMW/Audi is my brand of choice. (Hear that VW? An Audi R8 would be acceptable compensation, black if you're wondering.....). And if that works, my new brand of choice is Bugatti. 

My VW Golf was a trooper. Hell, I even put diesel fuel in it one time (by accident. long story.) and it still didn't screw it up!


3/03/2015 7:34 pm  #12

Re: Complaining about my car

I'm enjoying these stories, they give me hope that I too might enjoy driving again someday.

I took the Buick to my buddy's house so he could do the brakes/rotors/tires for me. Little did stupid old me know, I own a Buick Lesabre Custom, not a Buick Lesabre Limited. So the tires I bought and the rotors my friend bought didn't fit. He was able to swap out the right rotors and got them all changed today, but I'll have to take my tires back to Wal Mart tomorrow and just have them install the right set while I'm there.

Then it'll be time to take it back to the garage to get this misfiring thing fixed, and (hopefully) for an inspection.

It just can't be easy, can it.

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3/03/2015 7:56 pm  #13

Re: Complaining about my car

And you know that Murphy's Law states that the only difference between a Buick Lesabre Custom and a Buick Lesabre Limited is ......................probably the rotors and tires.

Seriously, that sucks. what a pain in the ass. I hope the rest goes smooth for you. Well, as smooth as anything having to do with a machine can go.


3/06/2015 3:51 pm  #14

Re: Complaining about my car

I really hope I'm at the end of this saga.

I took the car back to the garage, after having a buddy do the brakes and rotors and getting new tires installed at Wal Mart. Dropped it off Wednesday night so they could work on it during the snow storm.

They called me Thursday morning. The code, P0128 (Coolant temperature below thermostat regulating temperature) indicated that they needed to replace the coolant thermostat sensor, so they did that. The guy said that I should also have my spark plugs and wires replaced which would also help. I said okay, at that point I was up to like $150 in parts and labor. Not bad. I reminded him to do the final inspection as well. He said he'd call me back when it was done.

I got a call at lunch time to let me know that my car needed some "platinum package" of plugs and wires (not sure what the price difference was), and also that it needed two new tie rods.


Tie rods were not part of their first inspection check. At no point had they mentioned tie rods needing to be replaced. I asked him if that was something new, he said no, the guy who checked my car the first time said something about needing a tie rod. I expressed some frustration, I really felt like they had me hostage here. How much was that going to cost?

He did the math...adding everything up that he had already done and needed to be done...another $750 to drive away.

What choice did I have? So they've had it all day today, just called them and it's ready to go. All inspected and everything.

All together, about $2,100 sank into the car this month. Like I said before I no longer have a car payment, so if I'm saving $262 a month it'll only take me, what, like 8 months to recoup the repair costs?

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3/06/2015 3:53 pm  #15

Re: Complaining about my car

Sorry, Doug. That sucks big time.

We live in a time in which decent and otherwise sensible people are surrendering too easily to the hectoring of morons or extremists. 

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