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1/09/2018 1:47 pm  #1

New PC Is Sluggish

I just got a new HP computer.  I didn't need anything that does high-end graphics but my streaming and internet connection are high-speed (105mbps).

Whether I'm online or not, the movements of both my mouse and keyboard are noticeably slugging and choppy.  Not debilitating but enough to be annoying.

I encountered this problem with a Dell comuter before.  The problem was over a dozen scheduled tasks (added by Dell) were kicking off every time I started the computer and were using up an excessive amount of memory.

I checked the list of running tasks and, while there were still a large number of tasks scheduled, nothing was actually running at the time.

There are Flash games I play online that are now running much slower on this PC but work fine on the laptop.

Does anyone know anything about this kind of problem?

The best way I know how to describe it is there is a delay between when I use the keyboard or move the mouse, and things like Flash games or Netflix run slow or choppy.

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1/10/2018 2:55 pm  #2

Re: New PC Is Sluggish

Sorry, CT, my computer literacy is extremely limited.
Now, if you needed help with a Béarnaise sauce,,,,,,,,

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1/10/2018 3:43 pm  #3

Re: New PC Is Sluggish

Or a Carbonara?

I haven't forgotten the recipie torture.  Lasted three months.  

If you make yourself miserable trying to make others happy that means everyone is miserable.

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1/10/2018 4:17 pm  #4

Re: New PC Is Sluggish

Three possibilities:

1) New PC may be running in "low power" mode  on the CPU due to inadequate cooling or a fault with the CPU thermal sensors  (most likely issue)

2) Inadequate RAM

3) Inadequate graphics card

Try PC Expert on PA 616 1 mile south of York New Salem.


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