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1/10/2017 10:42 am  #11

Re: 'Bama vs. Clemson - Nat'l Championship Game tonight!!

TheLagerLad wrote:

Rongone wrote:

That was a good game by both teams.

I have to comment once again, however, that the NCAA and its officials really aren't serious about enforcing targeting fouls. If they really were serious about player safety and avoiding head injuries, there were at least two and possibly four hits that should have been called from my perspective.

The one early hit against Clemson WR Mike Williams was egregious. Particularly since the 'Bama DB who made the hit had a a history of targeting calls.

Lot of blown calls for aggression by the refs in my mind. That first one especially, the guy should have been ejected. 

It WAS an excellent game. Glad Clemson won. 

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