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2/12/2015 5:14 pm  #1

Mix Tape

Remember mix tapes? The precursor to the playlist. I'm reachin' all the way back to the '80's and '90's, to the times of the good old Sony Walkman and the big silver boom box. Making a mix tape took a good sense of timing and finger dexterity - remember those giant clanking buttons? No swiping and tapping back then, it was full-on finger gymnastics  to work the buttons on both tape decks to dub your songs. If you were to make a mix tape now, what would be on it? And don't forget the themes/title ('cuz every good mix tape needs the sticker label on it so you don't have to spend hours going through all your tapes just to find that one.......).

P.S. - you can add to your tape(s) as you find more songs you like that fit the theme.

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2/13/2015 5:48 am  #2

Re: Mix Tape

What a cool idea for a thread topic, BYOB!  I am definitely going to be putting some thought into this one and will respond back either tonight or over the weekend with my personal mix tapes.

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2/13/2015 6:02 am  #3

Re: Mix Tape

I don't know where it is but I had a "luv" mix for when a nice young coed would visit my dorm room.
When archeologists find that tape it will be - sadly - in near mint condition! 

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2/14/2015 12:02 am  #4

Re: Mix Tape

Most of my custom mixes were LP to cassette; sometimes LP to 8-track.

I had really been a fan of some of the comedy and paroday segment's on NPR's All Things Considered (Duck's Breath Mystery Theater, etc) so I learned how to record the 90 minute show onto an 8 track, then dub the comedy segments onto cassette.

Now where I did I put those?


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2/15/2015 12:20 pm  #5

Re: Mix Tape

Nice idea! I have a few that I've created for particular things (and oh, the wonder that now you can have more than a total of an hour of music or whatever, given the length you can get on CDs and flash drives!!)

One of my favorites is called Eastcoaster, which I made for a friend. It's 32 songs long, and starts with Ani DiFranco's "32 Flavors," which is one of my favorite songs ever. I'll have to get the full list at some point and post it, but I like that one best. 

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