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1/06/2019 9:08 am  #1

Congress should be Dignified

Earlier this week Conservatives tried to cause a scandal by releasing a video of Rep Ocasio-Cortez  dancing -fully clothed - in a video she was in while a teenager.

Oh the horror!.

Of course, here's a photo of Texas Rep Blake Farenthold  (R) at a party - While he was in Office.,0),quality(80)


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We live in a time in which decent and otherwise sensible people are surrendering too easily to the hectoring of morons or extremists. 

1/06/2019 9:49 am  #2

Re: Congress should be Dignified

Grand Old Party of HYPOCRITES !! 

"Do not confuse motion and progress, A rocking horse keeps moving but does not make any progress"

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