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6/18/2018 8:29 am  #1

I Forgot

Hey, who's gonna remember a meeting with foreign nationals who want millions of dollars to give you dirt on your political rival.
I mean, I sooo believe these guys.

Roger Stone says he forgot meeting with Russian who offered Clinton dirt

Stone and another Trump associate, Michael Caputo, say they forgot about meeting with the Russian, who allegedly wanted millions for dirt on Hillary Clinton.

WASHINGTON -- Two longtime associates of Donald Trump are now acknowledging a previously undisclosed contact in May 2016 with a Russian who they say offered dirt on Hillary Clinton.

Roger Stone and Michael Caputo say they forgot to tell investigators about their contact with a Russian national who goes by the name Henry Greenberg -- even though they say Greenberg offered to sell incriminating information to the Trump campaign for $2 million."I flatly rejected his proposal in what was a 20-minute meeting and never mentioned it to Trump or the Trump campaign because the idea was so ludicrous,"

Stone told NBC News in an email. The contact was first reported by the Washington Post.He said his recollection was refreshed when Caputo mentioned it to him, after Caputo confronted with text messages under questioning by Special Counsel Robert Mueller's office. Stone had texted with Caputo about the meeting. Caputo had set it up, after Greenberg approached Caputo's Russian-born business partner.

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