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5/27/2018 7:44 am  #1

Trump “Tax Cut And Jobs Act” . . . Winning !

Remember when Trump and his economic advisors sold this piece of sh . . . Errrr, I mean legislation, as something that would stimulate the economy, add jobs, and increase wages? Their new attempt at trickle down economics has resulted in exactly what the previous attempts of this false narrative of making wage earners lives much better, more secure, and increasing take home pay. Instead what it did was give corporations reduced tax rates which they use to close plants, move production overseas, do stock buy backs, increase their stock share price, and enrich shareholders and, in particular, corporate executives.

Here is how this act has benefited workers at Harley-Davidson:


5/27/2018 8:36 am  #2

Re: Trump “Tax Cut And Jobs Act” . . . Winning !

What I find even more disturbing is that no president or administration has challenged this economic 'trickle down' bullshit since Reagan dumped this on us 35+ years ago.


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