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4/27/2018 2:28 pm  #1

Thanks, Pat, You're Quite a Guy

WASHINGTON — Rep. Patrick Meehan will resign immediately, the Pennsylvania Republican announced Friday.

Meehan was the subject of a House Ethics Committee investigation over allegations that he had sexually harassed a former female staffer and then used taxpayer money to pay for a settlement. Meehan had asked the committee, which he used to be a member of, to review the allegations against him.

“While I do believe I would be exonerated of any wrongdoing, I also did not want to put my staff through the rigors of an Ethics Committee investigation and believed it was best for them to have a head start on new employment rather than being caught up in an inquiry," Meehan">said.

"Since I have chosen to resign, the inquiry will not become a burden to taxpayers and committee staff."Meehan also announced that he will pay back the $39,000 that was paid for the settlement. 

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