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11/08/2017 3:13 pm  #1

What Election?

Conservative media: What Virginia results?

For Fox and other conservative outlets, the Democratic romps on Tuesday didn’t merit much attention.

By JASON SCHWARTZ 11/08/2017 02:48 PM EST

Fox News host Sean Hannity was flogged on the Internet last night for spending just six seconds on his broadcast discussing the Democratic electoral victories in Virginia and New Jersey. But when it came to last night’s elections, his show was not the only conservative platform to downplay the results.

While the Democratic triumphs dominated other newscasts, during his show’s crossover with Tucker Carlson, Hannity opined, "Those results in Virginia, New Jersey, and New York, by the way—not states that Donald Trump won"— and that was it. He moved on to a discussion with former White House aide Sebastian Gorka about President Donald Trump’s visit to South Korea. Meanwhile, Hannity’s show was cut-off about midway by Trump’s speech to the South Korean National Assembly—though, of course, Hannity would have known about those time pressures.

Following Hannity, Laura Ingraham led her program with a discussion of the Texas shooting, and did not get to the election results until there were just 10 minutes remaining in her show. Much of her analysis focused around GOP nominee Ed Gillespie not embracing Trump enough. “Gillespie never jumped on board the Trump train,” she observed. “He's an old Bush hand.”

During Shannon Bream’s 11 pm newscast, the election received greater coverage, though still not the same amount of wall-to-wall attention CNN and MSNBC were giving it. Instead, Bream discussed Donna Brazile’s new book, which focuses on problems within the Democratic Party, as well as Democratic funding of the research firm, Fusion GPS.

This morning’s edition of Fox & Friends—widely regarded as a Trump favorite—touched on the elections, but hardly dwelled. In the show’s 6 a.m. hour, the elections garnered about six minutes of conversation near the top of the show. In the 7 a.m. block, there were four minutes of coverage, and at, 8 am, the elections garnered only four more minutes of attention.

Much of the discussion focused on Gillespie’s failure to embrace Trump.

“I'll tell you what it means. It means Virginia is a democratic state, New Jersey is a Democratic state, so the Democrats win,” host Ainsley Earhardt observed.

Referring to a New York Times headline that called the Democratic gains a rebuke to Trump, fellow host Steve Doocy added, “It's hard to understand how that is a rebuke because as you just mentioned they were both states that went for Hillary Clinton. The other thing is Ed never really asked the president to do anything. Kept him at arm's length.”

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