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5/04/2015 4:39 pm  #1

Worthy Charities

What Charities do you like to support with money or time, and why - if not too personal.

This is not an exercise in proving that I'm generous. I'd seriously like to get to know the people who post here better. What's important to them, stuff like that.
In light of our recent outbreak of conflict, I thought this might be important. My theory is that it will be harder for me, or anybody else to call a poster a miserable so and so once you know he's a real human being, with things that are important to him, and people who love him.  

If your personal situation is not such that you can afford to give to charity, that's OK. I am not judging.

We support;

The ARC.  The Arc promotes and protects the human rights of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and actively supports their full inclusion and participation in the community throughout their lifetimes.
My wife has a retarded sister.

The Massachusetts audubon Society. They support some wild spaces and protect them from development. There is also a wildlife sanctuary near my house that sponsors all sorts of activities for local children. You should see their faces when the turtles come up from the ponds! And, I'm a tree hugger.

Doctors without Borders

Saint Patrick's Church in West Stockbridge MA.

Soldier on. Soldier On is a private nonprofit organization in Massachusetts committed to ending veteran homelessness.

Tanglewood. Tanglewood is the summer home of the Boston Symphony. They perform here in a relaxed setting and provide teaching programs for young musicians. Classical music has a hard time in the modern age, and I love the music.

We live in a time in which decent and otherwise sensible people are surrendering too easily to the hectoring of morons or extremists. 

5/04/2015 4:53 pm  #2

Re: Worthy Charities

In general any donation to whatever charity floats your boat is hopefully good for the recipient(s) as well as giving you some warm fuzzies. I applaud anyone who gives no matter how small the amount might be. 

My only thought here woiuld be that some charities take a huge amount to do advertising and/or have huge administrative overhead for what they take in. 

One good way to check this out for many (but not all) charities that you might come in contact with is a site called Charity Navigator (web link below).


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5/04/2015 5:05 pm  #3

Re: Worthy Charities

Wounded Warriors

The American Red Cross

My favorite way of giving though, by far, is personally giving to someone that I know who needs it.  I get to see the smile on their face, which is priceless, and know for a fact, without a doubt that they are receiving 100% of the donation.

Also, not really charity, per se, but I'm a sucker for fund raisers, like when people at work are selling subs, candy or whatever to benefit their kids' activities.  I can't turn them down.

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5/04/2015 6:12 pm  #4

Re: Worthy Charities

Doctors Without Borders

Red Cross

Habitat for Humannity


Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation


5/04/2015 6:35 pm  #5

Re: Worthy Charities

The Salvation Army
"Doing the most good"--nationally 82 cents of every dollar donated goes directly to programa, in York the number is even higher at 86 to 87 cents.

The York programs include an after-school program combining recreation, homework assistance, tutoring, fine arts, and 5 meals a week all for less than $50.00 per semester; "Bridging the Gap" character education program for ftfth graders in the City schools; a summer day camp; and of course the emergency food, clothing, and utility assistance offered by the family services operation.

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5/04/2015 9:26 pm  #6

Re: Worthy Charities

Local historical societies, Sierra Club  and a few similar organizations.  My donations are small to suit my income.


5/05/2015 6:37 am  #7

Re: Worthy Charities

Wounded Warrior

American Cancer Society

Doctors without Borders

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5/05/2015 6:54 am  #8

Re: Worthy Charities

I generally donate to organizations that support and promote the arts along with the SPCA and the Water Street Rescue Mission here in Lancaster.  Basically, I keep my donations on the local level.

I might also add that I'm solicited constantly by organizations to donate a painting for art auction fund-raisers.  Seems like there are one or two of them every month around here.  It's starting to get crazy.


5/05/2015 7:40 am  #9

Re: Worthy Charities

George Washington-Mount Vernon
York County Rail Trial
Our local volunteer Fire dept. and volunteer ambulance
Local Library
Lung Cancer Alliance

A few years ago I  took an EMT course and received my State certification.
I volunteered for EMS standbys and rode shifts on the ambulance. I  am not doing
this currently do to an wrist issue.

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5/05/2015 8:09 am  #10

Re: Worthy Charities

Thank you, folks for your reponses.
It's good to know how people are involved.

We live in a time in which decent and otherwise sensible people are surrendering too easily to the hectoring of morons or extremists. 
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