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2/11/2015 8:03 pm  #11

Re: The Problem With Middle-Class Populism


It has galled me for decades whenever Federal officials (including congresscritters) use the term "tax expenditure" when speaking of deductions and credits, or, worse, when they attach a dollar figure and show the "cost" of each "tax expediture".

The underlying assumption behind such language is that the taxing agency has an absolute right to a certain percentage of income.....yes, "flat taxers" fall into that same thinking, like falling of the edge of a "flat earth".

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2/12/2015 8:37 am  #12

Re: The Problem With Middle-Class Populism

Congresscritters,  I like that!     Yeah, it drives me crazy when they act like their giving you an unearned "gift" by not taking quite as much of the money you earned. It's also been driving me nuts lately that so many members of Congress keep sneering about how awful the government is. I keep yelling at the TV screen that "you are the government, you dolt!". It's like becoming CEO of Fed-Ex and sneering and complaining about those damn package deliverers beating up packages, as if it's totally out of your control and you have nothing to do with it. It's rather amazing the verbal gymnastics that are performed on a daily basis.


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