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4/21/2015 1:45 pm  #11

Re: Men, Are You Under Attack?

TheLagerLad wrote:

I would suggest that a few articles about "white privelege" fall waaaaaaay short of the "war on white men"  alleged by the people in Charles Blow's essay. The remarks By redstate and others quoted are way over the top, and actually contribute to this dynamic of division.

I try to differentiate the comments and articles from the O'Reilly's and Redstate's of the world from the other articles I see about racism, feminism, etc because they're advocating for a cause and it helps to as I noted before, to create divisions in an electorate. 

"See those liberals damning the White Man? Come to the republican party! There's a place for you here"

That sort of stuff is pointless and unfortunately is just part of what passes as part of our political rhetoric.

By the way, it's done just as much on the left.

I guess my bottom line is this? There is much advocacy for minorities, women, LGBT folks, illegal immigrants, etc. As there should be. But I get the sense that the popular oinion is your average white guy in 2015 is just doing A-Ok, and if you try and say otherwise, you are quickly shot down.

And all I'm saying is that everyone is in this together. Let's try and find more inclusivness and less reasons to discount one group's thoughts and opinions over anothers.

I hope I'm explaining my point of view well.


We live in a time in which decent and otherwise sensible people are surrendering too easily to the hectoring of morons or extremists. 

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