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4/21/2015 10:23 am  #31

Re: Relief for the Wealthy

Goose wrote:

Rongone wrote:

Goose wrote:

Much ado over nothing


Unless your taxes go up to fill the hole.

Much ado about nothing because they likely don't have the votes in the Senate, the President would veto it anyway, and keeping or dropping the estate tax is a side show that does not address any of the big problems we face.

I suspect that the GOP hopes this dies in the senate and House members can tell their base that they fought the good fight.
Having this bill sitting on the President's desk would be a godsend to the Dems with 2016 approaching.

This whole thing is just political theater (BOTH sides use it) . 

As far as what the Estate tax means to total Federal revenue,  it is a mere .6 % of all the taxes taken in.


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