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2/13/2015 9:41 am  #21

Re: Any Craft Interests?

We subscribe to the other paper, but they have been running articles, too.  I've been to town and visited a few places.  I want to visit more when the weather gets nice. 

Some of the consignment type shops want to much for their fee, IMO.  Some want 40 to 60 percent of the price..  I thought that was outrageous until I talked to a friend who used to have a consignment shop.  She said that is typical.


2/14/2015 7:52 am  #22

Re: Any Craft Interests?

florentine, would you be interested in possibly painting a small wall shelf or two in the malachite deisgn? I have this older wood wall shelf that I found for cheap at a flea market, and bought it with the intent of maybe staining it darker or something, but that malachite finish would be really cool! It's what you would call a corbel shelf. I think it would look cool if just the top portion was painted in the malachite, almost as if a slab of malachite were sitting on top of the wood corbel. It's only about 10" or so wide & about 6" or so deep. Anywho, it was a thought. ( I've been trying to go through all my stuff that I've gotten over the years intending to use it some day, but now it's time to "use it or lose it".)


2/15/2015 4:51 pm  #23

Re: Any Craft Interests?

Sorry, BYOB, since I retired I don't take new jobs.  I'm at the point where I'm realizing my painting days are limited and I have too many ideas in my head and limited time to do them.  If you would like to try this yourself, I can talk you through it.  The supplies are relatively cheap and easily found, and the technique is easy enough.  The prep is a bit labor intensive, but the technique is easy and the results are often spectacular.

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