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1/12/2017 10:40 am  #1

Drone crashes into Space Needle

Drone crashes into Space Needle

SEATTLE -- Space Needle 1; Drone 0.A drone crashed into the Space Needle roof late last month as technicians were preparing the Needle for the annual New Year's Eve fireworks display."It looks like the drone tractor beam we installed on the Space Needle is working," joked Ron Sevart, Space Needle CEO and President. "This is the 3rd time we’ve recovered a drone on our property." No one was hurt and the Needle didn't sustain any damage. But the same can not be said for the drone.

The incident was reported to the FAA and the video has been turned over to the Seattle Police Department.(Impact begins around 2:15 mark) A Seattle family was visiting the Space Needle when they saw the dramatic crash unfold. They were on the observation deck and watched the drone hovering before it disappeared over the top of the landmark."It came so close," said 13-year-old Thor Povlsen. "I think it's pretty scary that it can get that close.

There should be height limit.""When I first saw it I was like, 'wow! that's pretty high'" said Lynn Reed.The drone crashed shortly after Povlsen and his family saw the drone. Debris from the crash landed near him."Two seconds later, the propeller just falls on the ground," said Povlesen.Police are still looking to talk with the drone pilot. Povlesen believes he spotted the pilot below when the drone lowered down to the ground. He said it appeared that the owner was changing the batteries on the machine before it relaunched.It's still unclear if the pilot will face charges. Police are working with the City Attorney in the investigation

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