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4/10/2015 9:31 pm  #11

Re: Tax question

Just Fred wrote:

Flowergirl is right.  Although it's nice to get the 1099 from whoever your wife received compensation, they really don't have to send it.  Been down that highway.

They MUST send it if her income exceeds $600.00.

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4/11/2015 6:41 am  #12

Re: Tax question

Might there be a difference if one is considered an employee or an independent contractor?  I've experienced times when I got one and times when I haven't as an artist.  I'm not sure if the $600 figure always came into play.


4/11/2015 9:09 am  #13

Re: Tax question

Here are the Pa State regs about 1099s which closely mirrors the Feds

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