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11/22/2016 10:49 pm  #1

Please Explain Something

When I was employed--1986-1999--for a county government in northern Virginia, overtime, vacation and personal and sick leaves were set in concrete to be enjoyed by all salaried employees.  Every employees' leave time increased with their length of service and when an employee retired they were paid for any leave still on the books except for sick leave.  Sick leave was calculated to allow and employee to retire earlier, depending on the hours accumulated.  There was never mention of any unionization--employees were a happy lot.  What I do not understand is what appears to be this national battle over being paid for time worked beyond one's regular hours and being given certain benefits like paid sick leave or maternity leave. This is alien to me.  Am I being naïve to wonder why all salaried employees do not have the same a I did?  Apparently they do not but why does legislation have to be passed for this to happen and now a judge has ruled that Obama's plan is unconstitutional. 


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