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5/26/2015 7:53 pm  #11

Re: The Phightin' Phils

Well, they had a nice couple of games against weak teams, then they played the Nats and Mets and went back to getting beat.

At least Howard is starting to hit a little hopefully he can keep playing decent and an AL team develops a need for DH so we can trade him.

And did you see Amaro's comments about Phillies fans not understanding what is going on?  Only thing I don't understand is how he still is the GM, he is universally regarded as the worst GM in baseball


6/11/2015 7:03 am  #12

Re: The Phightin' Phils

Well, as of today, June 11, we officially have the worst record in all of baseball.  Can't get worse.  I'm not even sure some of the players care anymore as we've suffered through some pretty bad and uninspired baseball during this past week.  What do you say when a guy (Chase Utley) batting a crisp .180 is batting third in the lineup.  Sigh.

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6/11/2015 7:26 am  #13

Re: The Phightin' Phils

I've pretty much given up watching them with the NBA Finals, Stanley Cup, and World Cup going on. Will probably tune back in once Roob gets around to bringing up some of his minor league talent.

It's killing me to see the demise of Chase live and in person. He'll always be one of my top five Phils' of all time, but I wish at this point he's take the Mike Schmidt route, admit that he can't play at this level, and gracefully retire. 

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6/14/2015 7:48 am  #14

Re: The Phightin' Phils

Well, if you saw the game last night against Pittsburgh it summed up the season in one inning.

Eighth inning, bases loaded, no outs, down 4-3 ..................... two infield dribblers resulting in two force-outs at home and then a weak hit to the second baseman for out number three.  Splat.  Game over. 

Football season can't start soon enough.

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10/02/2015 5:39 pm  #15

Re: The Phightin' Phils

Brady Bunch wrote:


This season won't be like the last two, it will be worse. They are easily the worst team in baseball and if/when they trade Cole Hamels they won't have any good major league pitching.

I was on target with my projections for them the last several years (within a couple of games), my guess this year is they will be around a 65 win team.

Maybe by 2018 they will be competitive again

I guessed a 65 win team, and with only 3 games left, they are at 62 wins.  And they have the worst record in the majors.  I can't give myself too much credit, this was easy to predict

At least they finally traded some older players and have a decent farm system.  Plus Nola and Eickhoof look like good, high rotation starters


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