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3/21/2015 11:15 am  #11

Re: Hawks are Pro-Abortion

Goose wrote:

I disagree.
I believe in traditional pesto, a sacred blending of one herb, basil, and one nut, the pine nut, as God intended. Others have been known to use walnuts, which are an abomination invented by some San Francisco values types who are out to destroy our nation.

 While I may agree that walnuts are the work of the devil, I feel it necessary to point out that the uses of pesto are diverse and dare I say, liberal, as evidenced here - . Note the use of "leftover" pesto, which implies those that are thought of as "leftovers" by the more conservative among the pesto purists, really do have value after all. 

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3/21/2015 11:26 am  #12

Re: Hawks are Pro-Abortion

I'm afraid that there is only one intelligent way to respond to such comments, BYOB.

We live in a time in which decent and otherwise sensible people are surrendering too easily to the hectoring of morons or extremists. 
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3/21/2015 11:42 am  #13

Re: Hawks are Pro-Abortion

In my defense, I did admit that walnuts in pesto *may be the devil's doing.

( * - I have yet to find a source to cite, but rest assured, I'm on it.)


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