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2/20/2015 9:30 am  #1

CPAC continues to become a even bigger joke.

Base conservatives just don't get it.

Gay Rights Group Excluded From CPAC Yet Again

If you're conservative and gay, you're not conservative enough

But if you donate to Democrats, including Hillary Clinton.......

....You get a prime speaking slot. 


I think you're going to see a lot of different United States of America over the next three, four, or eight years. - President Donald J. Trump

2/20/2015 10:05 am  #2

Re: CPAC continues to become a even bigger joke.

Every time you think that conservatives are on the road to political dominance you can count on them to shoot themselves in the foot.

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We live in a time in which decent and otherwise sensible people are surrendering too easily to the hectoring of morons or extremists. 

2/20/2015 10:14 am  #3

Re: CPAC continues to become a even bigger joke.

CPAC will likely always appeal to the most right-wing R-tribers. However, that the R-tribe itself makes a big deal over it is really hurting them on the national stage. 


"Do not confuse motion and progress, A rocking horse keeps moving but does not make any progress"

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