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2/17/2015 8:48 am  #11

Re: Congressional gridlock Deja Vu

Rongone wrote:

Conspiracy Theory wrote:

tennyson wrote:

I totally agree, but by the same token when you see and read (ie the former Exchange was a good example) of the polarized country that we have become, it is then not surprising that our elected representives would be equally polarized as well. It is truly sad that cooperation appears to be a thing of the past. Till the polarization changes in the electorate, expect more of the same ! 


Polarization is one aspect I find very disturbing.

What is more disturbing is that political campaigns and elected officals will play on this polarization, even seek to increase it, just for politicial gain.

No one is thinking about the long-term effects.

I'm worried that this constant abuse of side against side will end up becoming violent on a large scale.


Agreed. Polarization as it is developing in the U.S. With the deepening gaps continuing to widen will eventually lead to the demise of our representative republic.

There are other representative governments where the polarization is also very evident (ie- Englands parliment seems to be a prime example). The problem seems not just to be that there are polarized opinions about things, but rather the inability of either side to give in and allow compromise. The latter seems to be what will lead to an unreveling of an organized society. 


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