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7/30/2016 11:42 am  #1

Summer Beer Sampler 2016

Tasted all of these last night in the order you see on the list--my ratings are the "+" marks:

Ballast Point California Kosch

Starr Hill The Love (Hefeweizen) +

Six Point Sweet Action (Cream Ale)

Brooklyn Summer Ale (English Pale Ale) + +

Lefthand Sawtooth Ale (Extra Special Stong Bitter) +

Brooklyn Sorach Ace (Saison - $12.00/750ml) +

Yards Thomas Jefferson Tavern Ale (English Strong Ale) +

Victory Cage Raddler Fresh Strawberry Beer + + +

North Coast PranOaster Ale (Belgian Strong Pale Ale)

Courage Russian Imperial Stout + + +

Anchor Porter + +

Victory Kose Gose

Skulken Ballast Point Pineapple +

Tired Hands Alien Church IPA + +

Redackulus Double IPA +

Pizza Boy Moon River IPA

Of the true "summer beers"  Brooklyn Summer Ale takes the prize as a refreshing "after mowing the yard" beverage.  The Victory Cage Raddler was  a delightful surprise as a fruit beer, not sickenly sweet, just a slight ctirus edge, and when Mrs. T who does not care for any brew that has a beer taste likes it we have a winner.

Anchor Porter is worth whatever price difference there is with Yuengling.

Of the darker beer, the standouts were Tired Hand Alien Church IPA, and the best of the best, the Russian Imperial Stout.

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7/30/2016 12:31 pm  #2

Re: Summer Beer Sampler 2016

Holy crap . . . Where did you have to go to enjoy this extensive tasting?

And, I hope you had a ride home.


7/30/2016 12:36 pm  #3

Re: Summer Beer Sampler 2016

I have to say that every one of these beers are new to me. 
I will look for some of your higher rated ones to try.
Isn't great that there is so much variety available.

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6/10/2017 7:56 pm  #4

Re: Summer Beer Sampler 2016

Sampled seventeen brews last night (only about 1 oz each at the tasting part); not listing them all here.

The favorites:

Ninkasi Believer Double Red Ale

Boulevard Bourbon Aged Quad -
just a hint of cherry from the bourbon barrel wood

Oskar Blues Deviant Dale India Pale Ale

Collusion Anamorphus # 10 Double IPA

There was also a truly awesome Triple IPA but the name wasn't on the printed list....alas. 

Like Cana of Galilee, they kept the best for last.


Life is an Orthros.
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6/12/2017 11:29 am  #5

Re: Summer Beer Sampler 2016

Seems that the ales are the hottest thing these days.

"Sometimes it is not enough to do our best; we must do what is required."

6/12/2017 11:33 am  #6

Re: Summer Beer Sampler 2016

As a FYI, the Thomas Jefferson Tavern Ale is Yards' ESB just repackaged. It is really good though.

It's interesting that the Cream Ale style of beer is making a bit of a comeback. Victory has one out, as does Neshaminy Creek Brewing. 

Two Pale Ale's I've had recently that I can recommend are.....

Evil Genius Beer Company - Hooray! Sports! citra pale ale. Citra is my favorite hops so I was pretty happy with it. 

Cigar City Brewing's - Invasion pale ale. Just a solid pale ale for a hot day.

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6/15/2017 3:44 pm  #7

Re: Summer Beer Sampler 2016

Cream style? Wow, it's been a while.
1979, drinking Genesee, and hiding them from the folks!
Everything old is new again.

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"Sometimes it is not enough to do our best; we must do what is required."

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