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1/12/2016 10:49 am  #1

Report: Momentum Building For Joint Chargers-Rams Stadium In Inglewood

The Rams owner is planning a 1.8 Billion new stadium.
A billion dollars...... Maybe he will get lucky and win the Powerball tonight that would just about cover it!

Report: Momentum Building For Joint Chargers-Rams Stadium In Inglewood

Read the full story here:

Already, some owners and league officials have privately said that they favor a proposal put forward by Cowboys owner Jerry Jones to put the Chargers and Rams in a new Inglewood stadium, the Los Angeles Times reported Monday.LA Times NFL reporter Sam Farmer told CBS2’s Jim Hill that momentum for the Chargers and Rams deal is building among owners.

 A move requires approval from at least 24 or the NFL’s 32 team owners.“The will is there to get the deal done,” Farmer said . “What it really looks like is the Rams and Chargers in Inglewood. That’s the deal that has the momentum behind it right now … The NFL is at the goal line.”

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1/13/2016 9:23 am  #2

Re: Report: Momentum Building For Joint Chargers-Rams Stadium In Inglewood

It's been 20 years since Los Angeles had a football team. There was a reason for that. While I have no doubt that the Rams will be welcomed back with open arms initially, I foresee the same issues of low attendance if they're not good just as they had back in the 80's and 90's. 

And the NFL wants to put two teams there? When they already have two major college programs (UCLA & USC) that pull in good attendance. Even in LA, I just don't see the demand for it. 

That said, St. Louis is a crappy football town and that stadium is horrible (I've been in it). I don't blame ownership for bailing on the city.

But San Diego and Oakland both have good fan bases who need to be treated better.

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